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Welcome! I’m Jenny Hua a Los Angeles based photographer capturing the joyous moment frozen in time. Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my work. Feel free to reach me at P.S. I love comments, they bring a smile to my face.

Bailey and Rory

November 26th, 2015

Rory and her big sis


IMG_1449 IMG_1461

IMG_1580  IMG_1680

IMG_1727 IMG_1777IMG_1635

Lana & Thanh’s Wedding

October 4th, 2015

Lana and Thanh got to really know each other in a wedding party where they were paired up. They got to walk down together at their friends wedding and now they got to walk down the isle together again as a married couple. That is such a cute story to tell their future children.

IMG_1935IMG_1903 IMG_1945IMG_1965IMG_1991 IMG_2019IMG_2029 IMG_2069 IMG_2053IMG_2072IMG_2076 IMG_2086 IMG_2096IMG_2159 IMG_2161


Elizabeth & Miguel’s Wedding

September 23rd, 2015

Elizabeth and Miguel got married at Redondo Beach Cheesecake Factory. Who knew they have a banquet room upstairs with such a breath taking view of the marina. It was such a beautiful and intimate wedding and not to mention the food was by far the best wedding food I’ve tasted!


IMG_0916 IMG_0753 copyIMG_0890 IMG_0723

IMG_0175 IMG_1143

IMG_0478 IMG_0568

IMG_1093IMG_1304 IMG_1165IMG_0663 copy IMG_0710 copy

Dylan’s 1st Birthday

September 18th, 2015


I’ve been planning Dylan’s first day since he was 4 months! We had a beach nautical theme and had a dirty dog cart with other many delicious food. It came out perfectly with all the little details. I thought that he would of loved the smash cake, but he didn’t like to get dirty haha. Dylan had a blast spending time with all his family and friends and received many wonderful gifts. We are so thankful for everyone who came and celebrated with us. LON_3632-212

3LON_3593 LON_3823

LON_3610 LON_3595-2 LON_3629 LON_3565LON_3824 LON_3890 6IMG_6816 IMG_6921 IMG_6984.5 IMG_7109IMG_7023 IMG_7027 IMG_7036 IMG_7041 IMG_7042

Baby Cameron

September 3rd, 2015

Baby Cameron made an early appearance and arrived five weeks earlier than expected. He was pretty big for a premie and fortunately he was healthy enough to be able to go home a week later. Jaime and Paul had no idea Cameron was that anxious to see the world and didn’t give them the chance to decorate his nursery. Cameron is now one month and is so adorable with his dimples. His parents got his nursery set up just minutes away before I got to their house. How cute is this last minute set up though?! They absolutely did an amazing job on the nursery and choosing baby Cameron’s outfit.


IMG_0082 IMG_9964  IMG_9778 IMG_9773  IMG_9785 IMG_9845 IMG_00181 IMG_9862  IMG_9894 IMG_9912  IMG_9994

Dylan’s 12 Months

August 29th, 2015

IMG_6845To my Big Boy Dylan:

I can’t believe you are 1 already! Time really does flies by quick when you are enjoying it. You have grown and learned so much I can’t believe all the milestones you have accomplished! I still can’t grasp the fact that I am a mom and it has been a year already! You have seriously brightened up our lives because you are so funny and do the silliest things to make us laugh. I really can’t wait to see how you will be growing up. I hope that daddy and I can be the best parent that we can be to support you through your childhood to the teen years and to become a wonderful, sweet, smart and caring adult. Mommy and Daddy love you!

12-months highlights:

1. Said puez (please),ball, ouch, and wow.

2. Love walking with assistant and can walk alone while holding on to something

3. Point at nose when we ask where is your nose.

4. When we say stop you put your hand up and when you see cars driving by you put your hand up to tell them to stop.

5. Got your hair cut at a salon for the first time.

6. You can give kisses on command.

7. You took your first swim class and was thrown off the diving board!

8. You point to where you want to go and say “Go”.

9. We weaned you off your paci and it took about a week.

10. Cap on your supply cup and didn’t get frustrated when you couldn’t do it.

11. Pooped on a toilet

12. When we say wash your hands, you would do the hand washing motion.

13. You get so happy when you can feed yourself with a spoon.

14. Knows what’s balloon.

15. Use napkin to wipe the table

16. Love to Brush your teeth. You gargle or say sssss.

17. When we say stinky you would grabs our noses.

IMG_4032 IMG_3819 IMG_4097IMG_4106 IMG_4160 IMG_4166 Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.48.49 PM

IMG_0231 IMG_8060 IMG_8236 IMG_3943IMG_0250 IMG_0264 IMG_1198 IMG_0281  IMG_3734


Dylan’s 11 Month

August 29th, 2015



To my wacky Dylan:
Now that mommy and daddy is back to work, both your grandmas are watching you. When we get back from home they always tell us what new things you have learned and done and it’s so exciting, but I wish I was the first to witness these things. You have been spending so much time with your grandparents that grandpa always wants you to sleep over. If he doesn’t see you for 2 days he would call me asking where are you?! And to bring you back to them haha. They love you so much it’s so cute to see how happy they are with you. You don’t ever have to worry about no one loving you because there is a tons of love in this family!

11-months highlights:

1. You would hold on to our hand to tap yourself to sleep.

2. Said bye bye, hi, go, ohhh

3. Said cheese for pictures.

4. Learned how to brush your own teeth.

5. Try to talk to other babies.

6. Started eating big people’s food.

7. Blow things and a whistle.

8. Say aiyah when you cry.

9. Started to crawl normally.

10. Said no hands and you lift your hands up

11. Walk holding on to one hand.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.29.56 PM IMG_3346 IMG_3367 IMG_3370 IMG_3409 IMG_3492 IMG_3547 IMG_3583 IMG_3756 IMG_3639 IMG_3642 IMG_3601

Dylan’s 10 Months

August 29th, 2015


To my sweet baby Dylan:

Mommy finally went back to work this month and it was so hard to be apart from you. I felt like we really bonded these couple of months and now I have to leave you again. We really lost our bonding time the first 3 months since I was sick and was unable to care for you. I really missed those months when I was home with you all day and every day. Watching you grow is the best feeling in the world and I don’t want to miss that. Daddy and I stayed home with you longer than other mom and dad on their maternity/paternity leave so I was really grateful for those extra couple of months.

10-months highlights:

1. Give kisses when I ask you to.

2. Can take step with assistant.

3. 2 front teeth and side teeth started growing.

4. Like to sleep on your stomach.

5. Pull yourself up on a table

6. Kisses your teddy bear before bed.

7. Says “ahyee” for auntie.

8. Crawling like a gorilla a lot faster.

9. Played Peek a boo.

10. Laugh when I say I love you

11. Blow a kiss, but with your fist or with the back of your hands.

Two front teeth sprouting out.                  First Mother’s Day.                            Pulled yourself up with the table.

IMG_3183 IMG_5724 copy1  IMG_3032

Walking with help for the first time.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.31.42 PM IMG_3122 IMG_3204 IMG_3054 IMG_5103  IMG_3220 IMG_3016 IMG_2938 IMG_2956 IMG_2991 IMG_2759 IMG_0110

The Santistevan Family

August 20th, 2015

I had the pleasure to take family photos for my coworker and it was their first time taking a professional entire family portrait. Geneva and Daniel are such great parents to all 4 of their kids. Yes, 4 kids at such a young age too! How do they manage that?! Best thing is that they are all so well behaved! Delilah is a natural in front of the camera, possibly a future model and the most responsible out of the kids. Destiny is going to be a future photographer! She wanted to know what I was doing and interested in my camera and also suggested great poses! Danny is the only boy and is such a cutie pie. Last but not least Dakota, she is such a good baby, always so happy and was in a great mood! They are just all so darn cute! I really had a blast taking their photos.IMG_9237-2 IMG_9264-1 IMG_9330IMG_9377IMG_9254-1IMG_9424-1


IMG_9581 IMG_9604 IMG_9617 IMG_9659 IMG_9700 IMG_9734IMG_9561-1

Katie 6 Months

July 10th, 2015

On July 4th both our family had a little picnic at the park and then we had a little mini photoshoot of the family. Look how patriotic they are wearing red, white and blue. Katie is growing so fast! Now her and Dylan can actually interact with each other. It’s so cute how they can’t keep their hands away from each other haha!

IMG_8293 IMG_8310 IMG_8202 IMG_8176 IMG_8159 IMG_8133 IMG_8106 IMG_8042 IMG_8021 IMG_8007IMG_8227 IMG_8229 IMG_8241 IMG_8246 IMG_8236


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