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Welcome! I’m Jenny Hua a Los Angeles based photographer capturing the joyous moment frozen in time. Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my work. Feel free to reach me at P.S. I love comments, they bring a smile to my face.

Dylan’s 9 Months

April 26th, 2015

IMG_3470 copy


To my quirky Dylan:

Can’t believe you are nine months already! You look like a little man all grown up. You are learning something new everyday and it really shocks me how many things you can retain in your little brain. You are trying to sound out words when you hear them. It’s so cute to see you grow and learn, soon you will be a big boy speaking in full sentences! I can’t wait till when that day comes.

9-months highlights:

1. Your right eyelid is finally showing, now both eye has eyelids! Although somedays they don’t show =(.

2. You learned how to clap! You clap when we say clap-clap, hear music, see something funny, when we tell you good job.

3. Wave hi and bye on command.

4. You are able to suck through a straw.

5. You pointed at me and said “mommy!” I said “yeah good job” after and you started clapping your hands.

6. You sign language more to get more food.

7. Knows how to head bump when I say it.

8. You try to copy noises that we make.

9. Copied us by sticking out your tongue and tried to whistle.

10. You twirled your finger.

11. When we asked where is your head you touched your head.

12. You know how to give high fives!

13. You gave me a kiss on the cheek and lip, but your mouth was wide open lol.

14. Sat up on your own while you are laying down.

15. From your belly you can push yourself up to sit.

16. You can pull yourself up on your crib and stand up on your bed/play pin.

17. Can stand up with some assistant.

Here you are standing all on your own (with a little help =P). Your first Easter. You standing in your crib for the first time.

IMG_4254 IMG_4031-2 IMG_4997

I love taking photoshoots of you!

DSC_1935-2 IMG_3145 IMG_4175picstitch

IMG_4248 IMG_4875 IMG_4980 IMG_5029

IMG_4187 IMG_4936


Your first tooth!               Now you got 2 teeth!            Standing in your play pin.  You pulled down the bumpers so you can see.

IMG_2299 IMG_2728 IMG_2359 IMG_2394


Some more playdates before all the mommies goes back to work.

IMG_2174 IMG_2433 IMG_2439   IMG_2272 IMG_2417 Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 10.58.19 PM IMG_2526 IMG_2605

Monying & Kenny’s Prom

April 25th, 2015

This was my first time taking pre-prom photos. It made me feel really old! Haha! I still remember my prom as if it was just last year. Seeing Mo and Kenny made me miss the old puppy-love days. They are such an adorable couple. They were so playful during the shoot and there was laughter the entire time.

Nowadays, when you want to ask someone to prom, you don’t just ask; it’s more like a marriage proposal. Kenny did something super extravagant–it was literally like a wedding ceremony. He surprised Mo by gathering all of their friends. Then, Mo got walked down an aisle with a bouquet of flowers in hand to a floral arch. There was an officiant waiting to officiate the “proposal.” If Kenny can plan something like this now, I wonder how he will top off his future marriage proposal =P.


IMG_5242 IMG_5237 IMG_5244

IMG_5185 copy IMG_5212 IMG_5258 IMG_5352

IMG_5428 IMG_5429 IMG_5499

IMG_5518 IMG_5463 IMG_5166IMG_5303 IMG_5481 IMG_5440IMG_5536


Marc & Carrie’s Wedding

April 24th, 2015

Marc and Carrie had their wonderful wedding at Almansor Court. They had wonderful families, fantastic guests, but best of all their adorable son Lucas! He is literally the happiest baby I’ve met. He smiles at everyone and anyone! It was such a nice, low key and fun wedding that they had. I am so glad they let me be apart of it and got to capture their wedding.

IMG_4416 copy

IMG_4372 IMG_4379 copy IMG_4386 IMG_4408-2 IMG_4442 copy IMG_4468 copy

IMG_4271 IMG_4318 IMG_4266


IMG_4660 IMG_4765 IMG_4744-2

IMG_4719 IMG_4714


Dylan’s 8 Months

April 19th, 2015



To my curious Dylan:

Now that you can crawl towards something you want now you are on the move! Once you can walk you will take off on me! You are super curious and want to see and learn everything. You give this very intense look when we talk to you and it looks like you are studying our lips trying to learn our language. I can’t wait till you are able communicate with us!

8-months highlights:

1. You are super active and always moving around.

2. Grab everything and put anything in your mouth.

3. Lick your lips when you see us eat.

4. Nod no when you don’t want to eat anymore.

5. Lean over when you wants someone to hold you.

6. Climb up on my arm so I can hold you.

7. Pick yourself up on your knee.

8. Used zippy cup for the first time.

9. Started crawling army style by dragging yourself.


unnamed-3 IMG_1509 IMG_1276 IMG_0066

IMG_1908 DSC00125unnamed-2 IMG_3103 IMG_1792 IMG_3031

IMG_1284 IMG_19911 IMG_1263

Bailey & Newborn Baby Sister Rory

April 6th, 2015

Bailey finally got the little sister that she’s always wanted! Frozen has came true for her, two sisters. She says she is Elsa and Rory is Ana, how cute is that! While taking these photo I almost died, it was so much cuteness overload! Rory looks just like Bailey, she defienantly got her lips. Bailey said she is going to be the greatest big sis ever and I truly believe that. Look how caring and gentle she is with her already! Just too cute!

IMG_3753 copy

IMG_3972-2 copy


IMG_3680 IMG_3700

IMG_4001 IMG_3857 copy


IMG_3843IMG_3730 copy



IMG_3882 copyIMG_3903


IMG_3962 copy IMG_3981

IMG_3939 IMG_3957

Travis’ Headshots

April 5th, 2015

IMG_3518 IMG_3538 IMG_3581IMG_3564 IMG_3579 IMG_3593 IMG_3594

Baby Ollie 3 Months

April 5th, 2015

Ollie is now 3 months, babies just grow so fast! Dylan’s costume didn’t go to waste! It was pass down so Ollie can wear for his photoshoot. Ollie is going to be a big boy, Dylan wore these when he was 4 months and Ollie fits it at 3!



IMG_3303 IMG_3324

IMG_3382 IMG_3265

Dylan’s 7 Months

March 8th, 2015


To my energetic Dylan:

A lot of great milestone this month. You have been talking so much, trying to learn how to talk like an adult! You even said your first word “Hi daddy!” Mommy and daddy were so amazed and shocked. We started giving you puff cereal snacks and you finally fed yourself. It’s amazing that in a couple of months you will be able to spoon feed yourself!

7- months highlights:

1. You can sit up longer.

2. When propped up on an angle you can push yourself up to sit.

3. You are able to roll over easily.

4. Raises your arm up when you want someone to carry you.

5. Said your first word! “Hi daddy!” Couple days later you said “mama”.

6. Almost said “whale” when I was showing you flash cards.

7. Now you know your name! You would look over when we say your name.

8. Sleep on your side.

9. Rub your eyes with the back of your hand instead of what you used to do by scratching it.

10. You splash the water in the tub during bath time.

11. Says “mum mum” when you see food.

12. Held your own bottle through the entire feeding.

Your first Lunar New Year!

IMG_99841 IMG_2942 IMG_1887 IMG_1849

You trying to pick up your first puff cereal. Sitting in a shopping cart for the first time. First time at mommy and me.

IMG_9856 IMG_1109 IMG_0861

We arranged our own mommy and me playdate.



You with some of your baby cousins and buddies.

IMG_1188 IMG_1116 IMG_3071 copy


When you see Katie you always hold her hand.

IMG_0883 IMG_0817 IMG_0730IMG_2930IMG_2912 IMG_25177


Katie’s 1 Month

March 1st, 2015

Katie is one month now! Time really flies when you are a parent! A blink of an eye they are in college LOL not that quick! Boy does Katie look just like Jennie, so far the only thing I see of Travis’ is her hair. As a baby Travis has very poofy hair just like Katie’s. Looks like it has been teased haha. Katie, Ollie and Dylan has been having play date, well… more like a playdate for their mommies. It’s so fun to just hang out with other mommies that are your friends. Can’t wait for more of our friends to have more babies so we can have a bigger mommy and me class LOL.

IMG_2658IMG_2601 IMG_2605 IMG_2617IMG_2727IMG_2709



Katie with my little cutie pie Dylan. They sure love holding hands =).IMG_2885K

Ollie’s 1 Month

February 17th, 2015

Happy one month to Ollie! What a difference a month makes?! He already looks different! I still can’t really tell if he looks like mommy or daddy yet… but his eyes are so big just like his dad. And his facial features looks more like mommy’s. Can’t wait for him to get bigger so he can start playing with Dylan!!!

IMG_2432 copyIMG_1902 IMG_1915 copy

IMG_1925 IMG_1940

IMG_1993 IMG_2010-2

IMG_2032 IMG_2403 copy

IMG_2367 copy  IMG_2474


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