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Welcome! I’m Jenny Hua a Los Angeles based photographer capturing the joyous moment frozen in time. Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my work. Feel free to reach me at P.S. I love comments, they bring a smile to my face.

Gonzales Family

December 19th, 2014

The last time I took pictures for the Gonzales family I had a blast! This time there is a new little addition to the family which made it even better!! Little Sammi has grown so much since the last photo session. She was such an adorable baby, but now she has grown into such a beautiful girl! I just can’t get enough of these little ones! I just love taking photos for the Gonzales!

IMG_9306editL IMG_9292 IMG_0087IMG_9315 IMG_9330 LIMG_9282 IMG_9380 editLIMG_9416IMG_9437IMG_9455 IMG_9470IMG_9555L IMG_9608IMG_9675 IMG_9746IMG_9625IMG_9990IMG_0109

IMG_9888 IMG_9515

Nikki & Jay’s Wedding

December 14th, 2014

Nikki is one of my good friends sister and have known her since I was little. I am so honored that I was able to capture her beautiful day. Nikki and Jay had their wedding at the Paracel Restaurant in Orange County. I like all these little gem banquets in OC, how they are all nicely decorated with great service.

IMG_7761IMG_8256-2 copyIMG_7889IMG_8001  IMG_8024IMG_8150-2 copy   IMG_8337IMG_8013IMG_8483  IMG_8352 copyIMG_8359 IMG_8441 copy IMG_8239 copyIMG_8455  IMG_8586

Baby Aaron

December 11th, 2014

How cute is baby Aaron in his baby onsie with suspenders, Santa tie and Santa’s hat?! I just love all the props and outfit that Ivy found. It really gets you into the Christmas spirit! Aaron is two months and will be celebrating his first Christmas! This little family is just so adorable! Ivy is so funny and cute, Leang is so sweet and caring. Baby Aaron will grow up a perfect gentleman with the care of Ivy and Leang!

IMG_7568 copy  IMG_7517IMG_7733IMG_7525IMG_7494 copy IMG_7454 IMG_7543IMG_7699 copyIMG_7608 IMG_7687 IMG_7622   IMG_7553

Baby Ian

December 3rd, 2014

How adorable is baby Ian in his preppy clothes! Ian is 4 months old and he has so much characters! I just love all the funny faces he makes and how he is so focused on the camera! Maybe he will become a male model when he grows up?! Haha.

IMG_7020 copyIMG_6823IMG_6830IMG_6835 copyIMG_7182 IMG_6843IMG_6815IMG_6858  IMG_6948-2IMG_7096IMG_7044IMG_6975IMG_7023IMG_6906 IMG_6996 IMG_7241 copy    IMG_7182 IMG_7206 copy

Dylan’s Milestone

November 25th, 2014


Dylan’s 4 Month

November 22nd, 2014


To my little pumpkin Dylan:

You’ve reached so many milestones this month! It’s amazing how fast you grow and how you discover something new each! I just cannot wait till you start crawling, walking, and TALKING!!! Ahhh!!! Mama doesn’t want to miss a thing!

4-month highlights:

1. Your eyesight is getting better! Your eyes can follow people and objects instantly.

2. You can hold your head up without wobbling.

3. You started laughing!

4. You scream really loud when you are upset.

5. You held your own bottle for the first time.

6. You started sleeping in your own room!

7. You slept for 8 hours straight one night.

8. You discovered that you have feet and started grabbing them.

9. One of your eyelids started showing. Just like mommy and Aunty Tammi; we had only the left lid growing up =/.

10. You hate tummy time, but now tummy time lasts longer!

11. You’re learning how to reach and grab things.

12. You began to learn how to get up to sit, even though you still fall to the side or fall forward LOL.

13. You rolled over for the first time during tummy time.

That’s you sleeping in your own room for the first night, you holding your bottle for the first time and you grabbing your toes for the first time.

IMG_8863IMG_8953IMG_9171 IMG_8697IMG_8724IMG_8716IMG_8695IMG_8667IMG_0707IMG_9003IMG_9241IMG_9203IMG_9265 IMG_9242 IMG_8841 IMG_9195

Your first Halloween and you were twins with Dori! IMG_5271 copy

First time trick or treating!

IMG_9152 IMG_9171

First pumpkin patch!

IMG_9091 IMG_5225

Jennie’s Baby Shower

November 19th, 2014

This teddy bear theme was all for Katie bear! We all cannot wait for baby Katelyn Emma Joe to arrive! She will be in really good hands with mama Jennie. Jennie is so creative and crafty that Katie will never be bored. Jennie made the pin wheels, honey comb bears, spray painted gold onto honey bear jars, rice crispy bears and pipped the donuts with bear faces on them. Now… countdown till Katelyn arrives!

IMG_64301 2 IMG_6475 IMG_6480 IMG_6587

Jennie’s Maternity Shoot

November 19th, 2014

My other good friend is pregnant as well! There must be something in the waters. Jennie and Travis are expecting their first child and it is a girl!! Katelyn Emma Joe will be Dylan’s future girlfriend =P. I keep telling Jennie, we will be in laws! Haha!

IMG_5985  IMG_6708IMG_5979IMG_6718 IMG_6721IMG_6734IMG_6705

Diana’s Baby Shower

November 19th, 2014

We had Diana’s baby shower at Yellow House Cafe. This is the best venue to have any types of party at! Great location, great ambiance and great food. This giraffe-theme baby shower is perfect for them because Diana’s husband is super tall, and I am betting Oliver will be just as tall as his daddy.

IMG_6094 decor  IMG_6091 IMG_6338 bb pic game iron on IMG_6069

Diana’s Maternity

November 16th, 2014

I got the chance to take one of my best friend’s maternity photos. I am so excited and can’t wait for baby Ollie to arrive! My baby Dylan will have a BFF and they can grow up together! Congrats to Diana and Eric on their baby boy!

IMG_5620IMG_5567IMG_5660IMG_5635 IMG_5604 IMG_5584 IMG_5749 IMG_5716IMG_5741  IMG_5766 IMG_5884


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